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quilts for sale!

Why, hello! I know, I know… it’s been forever! I keep thinking that having two of the three kids back in school will provide me with more time for sewing, but alas, it seems that is not so.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve made a quilt, and I’m itching to get back to it! I’ve long had my sewing space in what should have been our dining room, but it’s become obvious that we actually need the dining room space back for dining (imagine that!), so I’ve spent weeks emptying it and trying to find a new home for my sewing stuff.

It landed in our bedroom for a while, but that wasn’t ideal, then ultimately I took over what should have been Henry’s bedroom. Lucky for me, he refused to sleep there, preferring to sleep with Hazel in her room, so I snagged the open space while I had the chance!

It’s always a big (and messy!) job to move rooms around, but I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway, all that to say that all this moving stuff around has prompted me to take a look at the things I’m not using (ahem… quilts! and fabric! and notions!) and to list them for sale.

I’m starting with quilts, and have just posted a large number of them on my destash account on Instagram (@fitfdestash).

In addition to a number of great patchwork Liberty baby quilts that I did make to sell (and maybe never got around to showing here?), I have a number of other throw sized quilts that need new homes.

I’d love to see them used, rather than stored! I’ve even included a few I never thought I’d sell, so snag them quick before I change my mind!

Anyway, take a peek if you’re so inclined. Maybe you’re in the market for a handmade gift? Or in need of a unique baby gift?

I’m quite partial to the Liberty patchwork baby quilts – they’re all one of a kind and wash up to be super soft and just perfect for a new baby. Thanks in advance for looking!

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summer 2 x 4

Earlier this summer I pulled out this stack of fabrics that included a bunch of neutrals with some pops of color – hot pinks, bright yellow, a bit of peachy orange and a few shades of blue.

I had plans to make something else with those fabrics, but the blocks took far too long to complete and I really needed something faster.

(look at this cute house! it has me wanting to make another string quilt!)

So of course I immediately thought of my 2 x 4 pattern! It’s a super quick one, yet still fun and satisfying to put together. As an added bonus, I think it looks wonderful with any and all fabric combos!

Interestingly enough, despite making many quilt tops in this pattern, I have yet to actually complete one! Maybe this one will be the one!


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ginger-lime spritz

Well hello there! I’m excited to show you this finished quilt today! As you know, one of my favorite parts about quilting is taking photos of my finished quilts. Back in the day I used to spend lots of time scouting out the perfect locations for each quilt. Now, with kids who dislike the car and aren’t always as patient as they might be, it’s harder to take the time to find fun backdrops. So that’s why this time around I decided to switch things up!

This mural is on the side of the Shacksbury Cider tasting room in Vergennes, Vermont, and was painted by Annemarie Buckley, whom I’ve followed on IG (@buckleyprojects) for quite a while. I love the design and the colors and thought it might be fun to make a quilt inspired by her mural. Of course the best part of that is already having the perfect place for quilt photos!

I snapped a photo of the mural last winter when I drove through Vergennes and then selected a bunch of Kona solids that matched and coordinated with the mural colors. The design is one I had tucked away in an inspiration folder from long ago. I love the bold graphic look of it, especially in the solids. I added in some extra white space to keep it light and interesting, and I really love it. It’s not often that I can actually commit to a full solids-only quilt, though I’m always pleased with the results when I do.

Of course, I couldn’t resist a print for the back, and what else than these perfect Cotton + Steel apples. It was a no brainer, really.

As soon as the quilt top was finished I sent it out to Rachel at Stitched in Color to have her quilt it. I knew that it’d never get finished if I tried to do it myself and I’ve been really happy with her quilting services (she previously quilted this one for me).

Once again I asked for her quilting suggestions, and she suggested a couple, including this one, which is called Pine Needles. I love how it looks on this quilt – it adds great texture and a subtle design to this otherwise simple quilt.

I bound it in a ginger colored Cotton + Steel basic. I kind of wish it was a bit darker to frame the quilt, but this is what I had on hand, so that’s what I went with!

I convinced the family to take a drive down to Vergennes last weekend (about 45 minutes away), by including lunch and ice cream at Basin Harbor and also allowing them to watch a movie in the car. I think we all won.