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summer 2 x 4

Earlier this summer I pulled out this stack of fabrics that included a bunch of neutrals with some pops of color – hot pinks, bright yellow, a bit of peachy orange and a few shades of blue.

I had plans to make something else with those fabrics, but the blocks took far too long to complete and I really needed something faster.

(look at this cute house! it has me wanting to make another string quilt!)

So of course I immediately thought of my 2 x 4 pattern! It’s a super quick one, yet still fun and satisfying to put together. As an added bonus, I think it looks wonderful with any and all fabric combos!

Interestingly enough, despite making many quilt tops in this pattern, I have yet to actually complete one! Maybe this one will be the one!


9 thoughts on “summer 2 x 4

  1. Hi Ashley!
    What great pictures! I love your 2×4! I made one that is living on my kitchen table as we speak! Happy Labor Day!

  2. Love this quilt pattern. But have to comment on the setting of your photo… I work at this site… VT’s only National Park. I walk through this little summer house everyday on my way to and from work. How fun to see your lovely quilt pictured there.

  3. Beautiful! I love this pattern, thanks so much for making it available. I’ve made quite a few and it is hard to say which is my favorite as they each have a different personality. So many patterns feel repetitive when you make multiples, but I will never tire of the 2×4.

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