apple picking pants

I bought this great fabric when it was released – it’s the cotton canvas apple print from Melody Miller’s Picnic collection. The kids caught me browsing fabric one day and immediately requested pants out of it. Hazel picked this colorway, and Max this one. I washed the fabric as soon as it arrived, but then…Continue reading »

handmade popovers

(love this Cloud 9 Palos Verdes voile! and yes, Max’s pants are on backwards) I love me a J. Crew popover, especially now that they’ve been making them in lovely Liberty fabrics, and have sort of been obsessed with making my own for a long time now. But for some reason, while I have made…Continue reading »

knit pj pants

It’s been a slow week around here. I had hoped Max would be over his cold, but no such luck. It feels like my entire week was spent blowing his nose, asking if I could blow his nose, or running after him attempting a sneak attack from the back. Hopefully this was the worst of…Continue reading »


Anna Maria Horner posted her free Knick Knack Knickers pattern last week (pattern here on her Make page), and I couldn’t print out a copy fast enough! I love quick and easy baby patterns, and this certainly fits the bill. And did I mention cute? This Robert Kaufman chambray was destined to become a top…Continue reading »

a ‘Made by Rae’ kind of day

If you took a look at the clothing I’ve been making recently, you might think I’m a bit obsessed with Rae, and you’d be right! I’ve always had success with her patterns, and I couldn’t resist ordering her latest pattern, the Parsley Pants. And what a great pattern! They are fun to put together and…Continue reading »

a handmade maternity wardrobe

Lately I’ve been sewing lots of tops. I haven’t found too many maternity tops I like in the stores, so I decided to sew up a few of my own. It’s been nice to use up some of my voile stash, and I’m hoping that these tops will work both as maternity wear and then…Continue reading »

pale pink patchwork

Thanks for all the lovely comments and congratulations on our baby news! We’re excited to be having another, and hope that Max will be happy to have a sister (the jury’s still out at the moment!). I’ve been having fun pulling out some of my pink fabrics to sew up a few things for the…Continue reading »

washi, washi, washi!

You already know how much I love the Wiksten Tova pattern, but I admit that you probably can (and I probably do!) have too many of the same shirt. And consequently, I’ve been looking for a new shirt pattern so I could have a little variation in my closet. As soon as I saw Rae…Continue reading »

gingham for fall

So, looks like I’ll be wearing gingham this fall… Indeed, I found myself a bit addicted to these Lecien yarn dyed ginghams, and had to make myself not one, but three Tovas. They’ll be on rotation this fall!

Springtime Tovas in Liberty!

It’s no secret that I’m in love with the Wiksten Tova top. I made several last year, and now that Spring is around the corner, I felt the urge to add a couple more to my collection (I really don’t think there’s such a thing as too many Tovas, do you?). When first started…Continue reading »

one more shirt…

Can I show you one more? I promise, this is it for a while! As you know, I’ve been a little, um, shall we say obsessed?, with the Tova pattern. I’ve made it several times, and it’s really wonderful, just as it is. But if you know me, you know that I can’t help modifying…Continue reading »

small projects (or more things made out of Echo!)

That seems to be the theme around here this week. After receiving an order of Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo, I’ve been using it in lots of projects. I’ve been finding it easy to pair with other things in my stash, which is always nice. The sign of a good line, I think! Max got another pair…Continue reading »

a tova dress for fall

(ha, should have taken these photos before I wore it! Please excuse the wrinkles!) Well, it’s official! I’m definitely in love with this pattern. It’s the Tova pattern by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten. I’ve previously made three shirts using this pattern, and then decided to also test out the dress version. I used a lightweight…Continue reading »

this week, in photos

I got it quilted! (and I forgot how tiring free motion quilting can be!) I was obsessed with getting it done, though now it’s just sitting while I contemplate my binding options. Still haven’t come up with a definite plan yet. Some happy mail, including this lovely stack of Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. I’m…Continue reading »

fall shirts… for me!

I didn’t really make myself much of a summer wardrobe this year, but I’ve made up for it by making a few shirts to wear this fall! I have wanted the Wiksten Tova shirt pattern  for a long time now. Periodically I read a post about it, or I see one on Flickr, and it…Continue reading »

Sewing for Boys – a review + giveaway!

You know I like to sew right? On occasion I even like to sew clothing! I’ve been excited about the prospect of making a lot of clothes for Max, but I’ve quickly come to realize how hard it is to find good sewing projects for boys. And this is exactly why I was so excited…Continue reading »

ruby star pants

Loving these Melody Miller Ruby Star Spring fabrics! Max got a cute little pair of pants with some of the remnants from my recent quilt, and I bought this fun print for PJ pants for me. I offered Morgan a pair too, but he declined. Weird… Happy weekend!

Max’s summer wardrobe

I usually get the urge to make myself a few summer pieces, but this year it was all about Max! What baby couldn’t benefit from a few new pairs of shorts and pants? (especially a baby who goes through several outfits a day) Plus, it’s certainly easier to make baby clothes, and it requires a…Continue reading »

shearwater kaftan… take 5?

I’m not exactly sure how many times I’ve made this shirt… quite a few I guess, since I can’t remember. (I guess that shows you how much I like it!) Those I made last year are a bit snug in the chest region, so I made the next size up and it’s just perfect! I…Continue reading »

A shirt or two…

I tend to get the urge to sew myself a couple new pieces of clothing each spring, and this year was no exception. I had grand dreams of whipping up a few new tops, but the reality is that it takes quite a bit of time, of which I find myself in short supply these…Continue reading »

something knit, something sewn from a knit

Both things I don’t do often, (or at all, as the case may be with sewing with knit fabric!). I was on a bit of a knitting kick for a little while though, and I thought that if ever I was going to attempt a sweater, now would be the time. A sweater in an…Continue reading »

Heather Ross on Martha Stewart

Perhaps you already read this over on Heather’s blog, but if not, be sure to watch (or tape!) the Martha Stewart show on Monday, February 28th (10 am on the Hallmark channel). It’s a live baby shower show, and Heather will be there showing how to make these adorable baby bloomers from Weekend Sewing. I’m…Continue reading »

lounge pants

At this point in pregnancy, I’m very much against wearing real pants. Luckily my real job allows me to work from home where sweatpants are perfectly acceptable. (Though there are those times when I have to leave the house, and lately I’ve come to really resent having to put on jeans!) My sweet friend, Phiona,…Continue reading »

quick change trousers

This pattern has been on my list for some time now, even before we found out we were having a baby. I adore teeny tiny baby clothes, and when you can make some of those items yourself? Even better! These are the Quick Change Trousers from Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings book. And can I…Continue reading »

teeny tiny baby pants

I couldn’t help myself! Have you seen Rae‘s newest pattern for Big Butt Baby Pants? Totally cute, and even though we don’t have a little one to model such cute pants, I still felt the need to try them out. You might remember that I have previously made dresses using Rae’s free pattern for the…Continue reading »

part 2 of a summer wardrobe

Thanks for all the great comments on my new summer clothes! I’ve been getting quite a lot of use out of them recently – though each time I wear a new piece to the beach, someone asks if it’s something I’ve made. I suppose that means it looks homemade… though I think I’ll pretend that…Continue reading »

a summer wardrobe, part I

What a great long weekend! It’s been super hot here, so having three days to spend by the lake was just perfect. In between the swimming and relaxing, I attempted a little more sewing on the boat. My brother tells me that all quilting all the time makes me boring, so I put it down…Continue reading »

two new shirts, take 2

This is definitely my new favorite pattern! I tested it out and made two shirts last week and really loved it. So much so that I had to make another couple shirts at the end of last week. I knew I wanted to make the tunic using some Little Folks voile fabric so I picked…Continue reading »

two new shirts!

I’ve been talking about wanting to make a few spring clothing items, and finally got my chance this weekend. This pattern is the Shearwater Kaftan by Toni Coward, which I purchased from Randi at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. I’m always hesitant to purchase patterns, because I don’t think I’ve ever really managed to follow one all…Continue reading »

a break from quilts…

…in order to make baby dresses! (and no, this is not an announcement — sorry Mom!) The aqua Calypso dress is actually for my sister (and no, she doesn’t have an announcement to make either!) We’re both just enamored by anything teeny tiny and cute. Actually, my sister Whitney doesn’t sew, but she is a…Continue reading »

Etsuko dress, take 2

Remember this dress? It wasn’t good. Shapeless and very, very unflattering. I like the fabric though, and being that it’s double gauze, it wasn’t cheap, so I knew I wanted to try and make something out of it. The other day I pulled it out, chopped off the top part, opened one side of the…Continue reading »

I heart my new Socialite dress!

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of patterns, so you may wonder why I actually purchased this pattern (Anna Maria Horner’s Socialite dress)…(the main reason: it was on sale, and I’m a sucker for a sale!) This particular dress was made as a test to see the sizing, so I made it out…Continue reading »

color block dress

As soon as I saw these dresses, I knew I wanted one in an adult size…

and some more weekend sewing…

I had to do a little more sewing for my summer wardrobe. It’s finally getting warm here, and I’m going to need more than just 2 dresses for this summer! So here’s the third – (ignore my strange look in this photo!) and yes, it’s ok if you hate the print! I questioned the appropriateness…Continue reading »

obsessed with dresses!

Are you tired of hearing me write about dresses? probably… I must tell you about this one though, because I love it so. This fabric is my current favorite (My Secret Garden by Alexander Henry) – I already have the pink version of it set aside for a quilt backing, and the blue may become…Continue reading »

a handmade summer wardrobe

I can’t seem to help myself! I’ve been spending way too much time lately creating (or thinking about) my new summer wardrobe. I’m reminded of second grade when I told my mom I was only willing to wear a handmade dress each day. She must have liked sewing, because I recall that I did end…Continue reading »

a summer blouse turned bathing suit cover-up

Back to my favorite book!  Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing…  After I made my revised summer blouse I mentioned that I wanted to try modifying the pattern to make a cute little bathing suit cover up. It really hasn’t been anywhere close to warm enough to even think about the beach, but we’re finally seeing signs…Continue reading »

Weekend Sewing – Ruby’s Bloomers!

You already know how much I love Heather Ross’s new book, Weekend Sewing. I’m almost embarrassing myself by how much I’ve been gushing over it. I’m sure no one really cares that I take it with me in the car as my reading material, or that I find myself flipping through it to just look…Continue reading »

Weekend Sewing – summer blouse take 2

Didn’t I say I’d be making another of these?! I think I was just so psyched to finally make something with sleeves that I actually set to work on this second one right after completing the first (packing had to wait, I had a shirt to make!). After making the first shirt, I knew there…Continue reading »

An Amy Butler summer tie top

I made this shirt over the weekend as part of my “use up all my fabric” kick. I had this piece of Amy Butler fabric – Wallflower in Cherry – set aside for a tablecloth, but then thought I’d try my hand at a shirt. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, as this was…Continue reading »

An (over) abundance of handmade skirts

Ok, so perhaps I’ve gone a bit overboard. It seems lately that I’m working as hard as I can to use up every last piece of fabric in the house. It’s not an attempt to clean it up, or clear it out – no indeed! (just ask Morgan…) – it seems that I just can’t…Continue reading »

A finished dress… you knew there’d be a ruffle!

Just a quick post to provide pictures of the dress that I started here. This is straight from the washer and dryer, so please ignore all those wrinkles (I’m not much for ironing!) I like the way this turned out, and do quite like the polka dot fabric. I was afraid it might be a…Continue reading »

One of my favorite new skirts

Oh so cute! I have to say it, even though I was the one to make the skirt. (Nothing like gushing over your own projects…) In any case, I made this skirt at the end of last week so I’d have something to wear to the beach. It’s very similar to the previous skirt –…Continue reading »