a rainbow of potholders

I haven’t sewn too many (or any!) gifts yet this holiday season, but when faced with the prospect of needing a few teacher gifts, I immediately thought of handmade potholders. Everyone needs a potholder or two, right? Not only that, but it was also a project that allowed for a bit of help from Max,…Continue reading »

Pillows with pockets…

When Nova posted a pattern for her wonderful Petal Pocket and Pillow Pocket pillows, I was immediately sold. When I was little, I had a pillow with a small little pocket on the interior where I used to hide away all my special treasures. (I should really show you a photo of it in all…Continue reading »

drawstring bags!

Just a quick little project, but oh so satisfying!! I used Jeni’s wonderful tutorial for these lined drawstring bags. The first was so quick and easy to put together that I decided I certainly needed two. I’m using them to keep my new knitting projects contained. I haven’t started either project yet, but one will…Continue reading »

fabric storage baskets

Making fabric baskets has been on my list for months now. We’re using an old bureau for the baby’s changing table, and there isn’t really any extra room on the bureau top for all the extras. So instead we’ve placed a smaller, shorter table next to the bureau and I’ve been thinking it would be…Continue reading »

a pillow for the baby’s room

So appropriate, right? The gray, the yellow, and of course those cute long-legged birds to match the decals on the wall. Are they sandpipers? I don’t really know my birds, but that’s what I’ve been calling them. As soon as I saw Laurie’s new designs for Spoonflower, I knew they’d be perfect in this room….Continue reading »

handmades in shades of blue…

A little while back Kate posted an absolutely gorgeous baby cardigan. Lately I’ve been obsessed with cute little items that are knit and/or crocheted for babies – there’s something so sweet about babies in handmade sweaters. I know how to knit, though my skills are lacking, but for some reason I’ve never learned how to…Continue reading »

pillows for my parents

Everyone needs an extra set of pillows, right? I made this set up for my parents for Christmas. I went with a simple patchwork design, using lots of Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow fabrics along with some Kei honeycomb and solids. The fronts are quilted with random quilting lines, and they’re backed with one of my…Continue reading »

linen napkins

I love napkins as gifts, and these might be my favorites so far! (And I should mention, that if anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea, this one might be a good one! Aside from a bit of ironing, they’re pretty quick to make, and always provide a great result!) I used this…Continue reading »

a fun new market bag!

Have you seen photos of Melody Miller’s upcoming line, Ruby Star Rising? It’s gorgeous, and printed on a great linen/cotton blend, which I think is perfect for all kinds of projects. Lately I’ve been liking this weight for market bags. So when Melody Miller generously sent me a few of the prints from her new…Continue reading »

one more blanket, ok?

I know, I know, it’s all babies and blankets over here lately. Hopefully you’ll indulge me for just one more post, then I promise to finish up a quilt, or something less baby-related! Anyway, after writing the other day about how I really wanted one of those voile/flannel blankets in my size, it was all…Continue reading »

a plethora of pretty potholders

It seems I may be in a bit of a potholder-making craze. I’m not entirely sure why, other than the fact that I find them fun to make, and a good way to make up different improv blocks without having to commit to an entire quilt (I have too many quilts that need finishing!) After…Continue reading »

patchwork pillows

It was time for a little change in our den! (don’t you love that just changing out the pillows can sometimes give enough of a change?!) We’ve had the same pillows on this couch for quite a while now, and while I really liked them, I thought it was time to switch them out. I…Continue reading »

too early?

I don’t know… It feels a bit early to pull out the red and green fabrics since we only just got past Halloween, but then yesterday I noticed that the stores already have their Christmas candy on the shelves, so maybe the time is just right! The other day I had an urge to sew…Continue reading »

how do you store your fabric scraps?

I won’t say this is the most organized way of storing scraps, but I think it’s kind of fun, and it allows me to combine my love of old containers, particularly old enamelware, with my love of fabric. I’m particularly fond of the enamel lidded pots (lids are good so no one can see how…Continue reading »

tufted tweets in the kitchen!

Our kitchen is pretty neutral, so I try to add color with kitchen towels. And what’s brighter or more fun than Laurie’s new Tufted Tweets fabrics?! I used two of the prints to make a couple new sets. Each is backed with flour sack towels, and paired with a little vintage cotton rick rack around…Continue reading »

birthday pillows

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might remember that my sister, Whitney, has a huge love for Anna Maria Horner, especially her Good Folks line. For Christmas I made her a quilt out of all the prints, and based on her reaction, I think she loved it. So it was only natural that…Continue reading »

morgan’s manly(ish) market bag

I really dislike grocery stores. Luckily Morgan doesn’t mind them, and he’s sweet enough to do most of the grocery shopping. Each time he goes, we have pretty much the same conversation. It goes a little something like this… (me) “do you want to take the market bag?” (morgan) “um…” Standing in the hallway, he…Continue reading »

poppy pillowcases

So here’s what I decided to do with my lovely stack of Poppy fabrics (designed by Laura Gunn). I bought the prints with the large poppies, and after looking at them for a while, I just couldn’t see cutting them up. Since it’s about time to put away the flannel pillowcases, I decided to use…Continue reading »

I made pillows…

…with hexagons!! (I know, I almost can’t believe it myself.) So you might remember my recent adventures with hexagons. I loved making the individual hexagons, but after making a bunch of them, I realized that I really disliked sewing them together by hand. I ended up giving most of them away, though I held on…Continue reading »

flannel for your head

My sister doesn’t sew, but she loves all things Anna Maria Horner. Apparently she’s also a very big fan of flannel pillowcases (who knew?!). So it was no surprise that when she found out that Anna Maria also had a line of flannel, she was totally sold. (Not to the point to learn how to…Continue reading »

patchwork pillows

I’m so pleased to welcome Scarlet Fig as a new sponsor! You all remember Laurie, right? She designs some of my favorite fabrics, and a couple months ago I had the opportunity to create the Animal Sherbet Squares quilt for her out of some of those fabulous fabrics. Well, Laurie’s done it again, and has…Continue reading »

patchwork napkins!

Well that was a quick break, right? Actually, this is just a quick post to let you know that I have a new tutorial for patchwork napkins available. It’s posted today on Sew Mama Sew, so if you haven’t already been over there, head on over and take a look! Be sure to check out…Continue reading »

pillows to match a quilt, part 2

Remember these pillows? I had just finished my Kaleidoscope quilt and decided to make some new pillows for the couch. At the same time, I also started a second set, based on my Patchwork Squares quilt, which I had also finished around that time. I got as far as cutting the fabric strips, and then…Continue reading »

small projects

A little gift for my mom for mother’s day – A few new market bags for a local shop – And the start of a new quilt – Many many thanks to Julie and Joree for sending me some of the wonderful paint-by-number bird fabric. I’ve been hoarding it for a while, but now, in…Continue reading »

pillows to match a quilt

This is a little more ‘matchy matchy’ than I typically like, but I’m doing it anyway! I made these blocks for my string quilt tutorial, and so I needed a way to use them…. quilted pillows…yes, please! I put together four blocks for each pillow and then framed them with white to make them large…Continue reading »

an Orla Kiely beach bag

I can’t go out to the island without a beach bag, right? For those of you who don’t already know, Morgan and I are getting married on an small island in Southwest Florida. We head out there on Tuesday, and I plan on lovely days of relaxing on the beach. I hadn’t thought to bring…Continue reading »


I talked about these napkins quite often during the last several weeks, so thought it was only right to show you the completed stack. It was close, but I did manage to finish hemming them all, right before the loaner sewing machine had to go back. (Many thanks to June at my favorite local fabric…Continue reading »

Time to decorate! A paper (fabric) chain tutorial

I try not to start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving has passed, so we waited until Saturday to buy a wreath for our front door. Now that the turkey’s been carved and leftovers eaten, I feel like it’s ok for me to put the Christmas mix back on the ipod and let it get…Continue reading »

Thanksgiving preparations

I’m a big fan of Thanksgiving. I think the Thankgiving meal is one of the best, and in fact, I’ve been trying to eat a combination of those foods as often as possible during the last couple weeks (yesterday’s lunch was a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, and then dinner was a pre-Thanksgiving trial run,…Continue reading »

Another quick patchwork project

This project was really quite quick, but might also make a great gift, especially if paired with those potholders from the other day! I’ve been trying to use up some of my small scraps, since it’s been getting a little out of hand! Like many others, I have a hard time throwing away fabric, even…Continue reading »

Patchwork potholders

Not a quilt this time, but quilty nonetheless! We’ve been using some very old potholders for a long time now. In reality, they were never meant to be potholders. They were actually used as examples of quilts you could order from a local store. While they did have batting between two pieces of fabric, they…Continue reading »

A new fall bag & a tasty fall treat

After my success with the Amy Butler bag pattern, I thought I’d attempt another. I’ve had this bag tutorial by machen/machen on my list for a while now, and since I’m on a bag kick, I thought I’d give it a try. Things started well, but then kind of went downhill. It did end up…Continue reading »

An Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag

Let me start out by reminding you all of my issues with patterns. I don’t know what it is – refusal to follow directions, perhaps an inability to follow directions, or maybe it’s just that I’m cheap (let’s call it frugal, shall we?) and can’t justify paying for a pattern. In any case, it makes…Continue reading »

A Piped Chair Cushion

I came across this tutorial back in July when it was shown on the Sew Mama Sew blog. I knew I wanted to try it, but it was one of those things that just ended up on my “tutorials to try someday” list. Then last week I was checking out a few blogs and came…Continue reading »

A few completed projects…

Just a few pictures of some recently completed projects… I’ve already posted similar photos, so if you’re tired of seeing them, you may want to skip this post! First – – More pillows! These three are going to my sister’s boss, Karla. From what I’ve heard, she has a new couch that needs pillows. These…Continue reading »

blankets for babies… or to cover adult toes

Now mind you, I don’t have a baby, and the fact that I’ve made baby blankets is not supposed to tell anyone anything… they just happened to be a sewing project I tried out recently. The small size makes it a manageable project, and if it doesn’t turn out, then you haven’t wasted too much…Continue reading »

Weekend project – rick rack napkins!

Here are a few new fabrics I received this week – I ordered these on Etsy from fabricpalooza. She had a great variety of fabrics, and is having a sale through the end of July. Most will eventually end up as napkins, though I do have my eye on one or two for another project….Continue reading »

reusable produce bags

Along the lines of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d show you the produce bags I made to go along with my market bags. I hate those plastic ones from the grocery store, especially since you have to put each type of fruit or vegetable in a separate bag — leading to tons of wasted plastic….Continue reading »

Martha Stewart Market Bags

This is actually the project that got me started on my sewing kick. I had seen quite a few tutorials using dishtowels to create a simple little bag. I especially liked this tutorial, which has great step by step instructions and pictures. She used Martha Stewart towels to create a nice lined bag. I had…Continue reading »

It’s done! The Quilted Amy Butler Bag

It’s done, it’s done! (and I love it!) The initial part came together quite quickly, but then I did run into a few issues in completing it. (Note to self: follow a pattern next time!) As previously posted, I used strips of Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabrics. I sewed all the strips together to form…Continue reading »

Pod Vine Pillowcases

I bought about 5 yards of this Michael Miller Pod Vine fabric recently, with no real thought as to what I was going to use it for. When it arrived, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of it – I usually only buy a half yard or 1 yard at a time, so…Continue reading »