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So I have a sad story about this quilt, but at least it has a happy ending. Looking back, this quilt had a rocky start – I set out to make something else and even cut up a bunch of my treasured Carolyn Friedlander fabrics, only to find that I didn’t even like my design. Happily I was able to turn it into something I did like (photos of the quilt top here, last March).

In fact, I liked it quite a lot, and as with quilt tops I like a lot, I hung it in the closet, afraid to ruin it during quilting. Recently I got the urge to get these quilts finished, so sandwiched a few of them, including this one. I started quilting and immediately knew there was a problem. You know how you can just tell it’s not basted well enough? Well, I knew, but continued on with a few more quilting lines just in case it would work itself out. Nope. And now I had even more quilting to rip out!

I resandwiched it and pressed on, quilting all the horitonzal lines I’d need. It was ok, but I could see that it wasn’t stretched tightly enough. I suppose it might have been ok if I had just continued on with horizontal lines, but I had already picked a design from Jacquie’s book, and wanted to see it on this quilt. There was no way I was ripping all that quilting out though, so I kept on, and it kept getting worse.

Adding all these quilting lines between the horizontal lines I had already quilted made the issue that much more obvious (it looks ok in some of these photos, but in person you can see how there’s lots of excess fabric, even folded over some of the quilting lines). I was pretty bummed about it, and thought I might not even show you this one, but then Hazel walked by and was so excited about the quilt and immediately asked if she could have it for her bed.

She, of course, didn’t even notice all the bad spots I was focusing on, and instead just loves it for what it is – a quilt made up of colors she likes that will keep her warm at night. I shall try to embrace it in the same way (though I still reserve the right to be bummed that it didn’t turn out as nicely as I had hoped!).

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The grass has finally turned green! It makes photographing quilts a lot easier, that’s for sure! You’ve seen this quilt recently, as I posted about it when it returned from being quilted by Rachel of Stitched in Color, but now it’s fully complete with binding on. I opted for a solid maroon colored binding to give it a bit of a frame, and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out!

The backing is another Mendocino print that I love, and just look how nicely that quilting complements the quilt. I’m so happy Rachel suggested it. (Find more info on her quilting services here).

(art critic, or just a two year old who wants to be in a photo?)

It feels good to have this one finally finished! (the quilt top was finished way back in 2015!)


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quilting by Stitched in Color!

Did you know that Rachel of Stitched in Color now offers machine quilting services? She kindly reached out to me a while back, offering to quilt one of my quilts for me. And since I have many many quilt tops that are still hanging in my closet, I jumped at the chance to get one finished! (Actually, first I made her nervous by telling her I tend to be picky about quilting tension… nice, right?!)

We settled on this quilt, which is a decent size throw, made out of Heather Ross’s Mendocino line and a bunch of coordinating prints. You can see more of this quilt top here. I packaged it up and sent it off and asked Rachel to let me know what quilting design she thought would work well.

They have a number of quilting designs available, and are happy to add new ones if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Rachel suggested this clamshell triple fan design, and I agreed that it would be nice for this quilt.

I was so impressed by how professionally everything was handled once I mailed off my quilt. I received an email letting me know it had arrived, along with a scheduled date for when it would be quilted. And then before I knew it, I had another email with tracking information because it was already on its way back to me! (Unfortunately, I ended up with the flu and didn’t get out of bed for six days, so despite being anxious to see it, it sat boxed up in the hallway for a while!)

And look! So pretty! It comes packaged in this lovely aqua box, which my kids immediately tried to steal. I think presentation is so important, and Rachel has nailed it, making it a really fun experience to receive your quilt back. And then there’s the quilting – it’s flat and even and I am very pleased with how it looks on this quilt!

A bonus for me was that the quilt also was returned all neatly trimmed and ready for binding. Trimming a quilt is one of my least favorite jobs, so I was really happy to find that this had been done for me!

Do you have quilt tops languishing in your closet? I can tell you it feels good to get them finished. And if you’re like me and feel you’ll never have the time to do the quilting yourself, consider taking a look at Rachel’s quilting services. I know you’ll be happy you did! Click here for a thorough explanation of the process, including how to prepare your quilt.

I’m trying to decide on a good binding, then I’ll be back to show you the entire quilt soon!

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*As mentioned, the machine quilting was provided for me by Stitched in Color, though all opinions are my own. I highly recommend this service, and will definitely pay to have additional quilts quilted by Rachel!